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We are a Full Service Mobile Grooming Salon. We come to you! All grooms are done in our fully self-contained state of the art grooming van. We are completely insured.

We do not need to plug into your electricity nor tap into your water supply. We work off of a generator and have a 50 gallon fresh water tank and a 50 gallon gray water tank. All we need is your best friend!!



Mobile grooming is much better for your pets as all pets are groomed by the same person every time and each pet receives one-on-one pampering. Your pets get to know and trust their groomer. There is no exposure to other pets, diseases or parasites. Most grooms are finished within 1- 1.5 hours. Your pet is not exposed to barking dogs. There's no sitting in a cage waiting for their turn. Mobile grooming is very low stress.

Mobile groomers are higher priced than shop groomers due to the convenience, fuel costs, the fact that we do the traveling and one-on-one care, rather than the production line environment typical of shops.



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