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Cat Grooming

We now offer full service and creative grooming services for cats.

Sheri is a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CMFG). She is the 2nd one in the State of NJ, the 34th in the nation and the 41st in the entire world, having completed a 65 hour course of intense feline training including: 42 feline breeds and all color combinations, genetics, temperaments and handling techniques, anatomy and health. Sheri is also certified in feline CPR and First Aid as well as dermatology and history of all 42 CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) recognized breeds.

Possessing the title of CMFG certifies one as an EXPERT feline groomer. Many groomers do not accept cats due to their being unpredictable and "dangerous." The truth is that many groomers do not know how to properly handle and groom cats safely.

Many myths exist about cat grooming:

Myth: Cats groom themselves.

Fact: Cats lick themselves. If licking themselves was good for them, they would have good skin and coats all of the time. They would have no mats, no flea problems, no dirty ears, and no ingrown toenails, no hairballs, no sharp claws, no odors, no sanitary issues. If you look at your kitty you will see a large accumulation of oil in the coat causing it to separate. There is probably some dandruff (pet dander), this is dried saliva on the hair, which is usually what people are allergic to.

Having your cat groomed on a regular basis allows the groomer to inspect the skin and coat, early detection of fleas, ticks, wounds, tumors, and cysts.

Cats should be groomed every 6 weeks. This would also allow for any new conditions to be seen within that 6 week period, extending the life of your cat. Regular grooming eliminates grease and reduces shedding. Cats are very greasy; if you don't wash your hair for 6 weeks it will be greasy. Shedding hair falls out and gets trapped in the greasy hair - forming a "pelt" of matting. If your cat is groomed every 4 to 6 weeks you will not have to comb your cat as the fur will not mat, except for perhaps a small tangle in the armpit or behind the ears. Regular grooming also is less stressful than a once a year grooming and being tugged and pulled on for your cat - helping to provide a longer, happier life. Less stress for kitty makes it safer for the groomer.

We offer many services for your feline friend:

Full service groom (bath, brush, nails and ears.)
Sanitary trim
1/2 belly shave
full belly shave
lion cuts
variation lion cuts
comb cuts ( similar to a lion cut just leaving more hair)
soft claws ( nails caps)
creative designs ( this requires more time so please book in advance for this)


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